Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator

Using Basecamp to Organize your life

Basecamp is a team communication and project management software. A few months ago , they launched a personal version of the software with a few limitations, but still powerful with the core features being offered for free.

Here is what the free version includes

  • To-do lists ( replaces every other ToDo apps - was big fan for Microsoft ToDo before this)
  • Docs & Files ( replaces google docs, but for spreadsheets, still need Google docs)
  • Schedules ( replaces your calendar)
  • Automatic check-ins
    • This is the best feature, that sends out a notification scheduled time asking what happened that day/week.

Above all is a project( free version offers 3 projects)

How I use:

Created 1 Project for my self.

ToDo : Lets you create multiple lists, that I way I can have a list for each for my personal projects I track

Docs : All Google docs gets linked here, so that i can track them easily here.

Auto Check-ins : This is to track the daily happening, which can replace any journaling software. Mobile app sends out a notification at scheduled time and use that as a trigger to jot down your daily journal.

Knowing that they are not a fly by night operator, I trust Basecamp than any other free tool there in the market for this purpose. Of course, I can export data out when I no longer want to have my data there.

What I wish It could also have offered:

A personal CRM for your contacts and sync data from Phone book.