Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator


This podcast with Shopify’s CEO Tobias is so refreshing to listen , essentially describes how they built Shopify out of Canada. Shopify is one of the global companies that I admire. Even more after Tobias take on work life balance. They gave every one an opportunity to sell on their own on Internet with out having to go through complicated channels.

As of today, they are the only other e-commerce platform who can compete with Amazon. Though it’s not apple to apple to comparison, if you treat Shopify as a marketplace, it does make sense.

Today there are dozens of clones and yet none of them are able to make any significant impact on shopify’s postion. In Indian scenario, when Infibeam IPO’d i thought [BuildaBazaar]() initiative could be next Shopify in India . I don’t think it materialized yet. Possible reason could be that Indian B2B SaaS business is little complicated with enterprises yet to come out out of their “do it for me” thinking vs SaaS’s “do it yourself” approach. I believe the trend is slowly changing.

Shopify does have their Indian presence( but the pricing is still in dollars, not sure of their technical issues in offering Indian pricing, believe with companies like Razorpay, it could be easily done. Wix does it and they offer a very competitive India specific pricing for Indian customers . I wish Shopify also does that.

Well that’s the brain dump for today.