Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator


Tools like Facebook not only help you network, but also let you build your persona by enabling you describe your favorites, likes, dilikes, your achievements and your (life) timeline. And every one of us know how this is used to manipulate your opinions and profit from selling your data.

How about a software service like Wordpress, which is open source and allows you self host and own your content and let you maintain all the data by yourself and non tech friendly?

Globally “Quantifying self” is a trend, where one tracks each and every activity and metric about oneself and improve themselves over a period.

What I see this software do is enable you to define the metrics you want to track and then self host the data and the app. Periodically you can run your own reports and see how you are improving or not.

Sample metrics to track can be

  • Coffee consumed,
  • Books read- including metadata like the way you add books in Facebook.
  • Movies watched
  • Health metrics like - Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure. etc

Objective is that you own the data and you measure it with privacy and no body to benefit from your data except you. Ofcourse there are free/apps - but from my minimal research they do host and eventually profit from your data.

Hopefully someone makes this .

If you are interested in making one, lets work together. I can spec, but can’t code YET.