Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator


Hopefully this blog stays for few years and someone will read this then and understand what it is like to live in India during Covid-19

There is a pandemic out there and entire nation is panicking. People are asked to distance themselves. Prime minister has even requested for a full day voluntary curfew and asked the entire nation stay indoor for a day. While this may not the final solution. At Least this prepares the nation for a continued isolation, if things go bad.

Italy, Iran are severely affected. While the numbers in India are still small, every one feels it’s because we are not testing enough people.

They say that India is currently experiencing the stage 2 of spread and from Italy & Iran’s example, stage 3 will be bad, if we don’t take precautions like social distancing and self isolation. On the other hand there are multiple new reports that, individuals who recently came from a foreign country escaped from isolation wards.

There is too much uncertainty, maintain social distance, avoid groups, but for how long, will a week be sufficient, will it be more than a month. Same way the stock markets are also behaving wildly, 33% lost in a few trading session. Is this the bottom or is it going to be worse than before?

Suspected individuals and individual who need to be under quarantine are travelling in public transport and potentially infecting 10s of other individuals.

to be continued