Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator


Media can’t be trusted, government numbers can’t be trusted, police can’t be trusted.

At a ground level, even after announcing and continue to say that the city/town/village is under lock down, why do people still venture out, i think they are still not getting the seriousness of the issue as they dont’ trust any media, government or the police.

There are vehicles announcing the lockdown round the clock, asking that everyone should stay with in their home and should not venture out. It confirms that all basic essentials would be door delivered and everyone would be taken care off.

People don’t trust because all the cases are reduced to numbers, and even the number are not reliable. They need to see the number of people being infected in their area on a daily basis, not at a district level or a state level.

Local leadership should sensitise them how many were infected in last 24 hours and how they are doing now, instead of saying there are more new cases.

If people lose trust in the numbers published by government, they will never believe in any other services also.

The promised essentials delivery has to happen daily.