Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator


On Dec 1st, 2019 first case appeared in Wuhan, China. Exactly 4 months later, the demon has reached the neighborhood, travelling thousands of kilometer via hundreds, if not thousands of hosts.

It first hit my attention on 28th Jan 2020, exactly two days before WHO declares it as a pandemic on 30th Jan 2020.

As of today, it infected more than million individuals and killed 50000+ and in India 2000+ as per the latest count.

So, what happens when some one in the neighborhood?

The news is all over WhatsApp, official news in TVs came only after that. Even the area curfew news spread via WhatsApp first.

That’s right, entire area with in 3 Km radius is declared a red zone and all entry and exit points are sealed with police deployed at each these points. There are multiple announcements made about this in mikes and all are ordered to stay at home and not step out even for essentials until further notice.

Then came the ambulance and the police vehicle to escort the infected to a quarantine facility.

Next is to wait for a few days (may be 5-6 days) make sure there are no new cases and ease out on the redzone restrictions. Meanwhile dis infect the public areas to a possible extent. We were told that there will be drones flying out soon to spread the disinfectant.

Tangentially, if and ever a vaccine is ready, how would they distribute it ? I guess it depends on the dosage form. May be they will distribute to each household across the globe and ask them to self administer it and then assign a mark to each individual that they are vaccinated. May be that even goes into their Aadhar record.

to be continued!