Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator


Hoping that we will have new normal in the near future, here are some things I think Indian enterprises and government should focus on

Health Care

  • Conglomerates should start focussing more healthcare infrastructure - If Mahindra can get a prototype ventilator done in a few days, think what they can achieve if focussed R & D efforts. Maybe we can even arrive as a leader in medical device manufacturing and R&D with support from global institutions like FDA, and ICMR from India.
  • Focus more on faster diagnostics, equipment and processes required. Establish diagnostic chains in tier 2-3-4 towns. We have them today, but they are limited to tier 1-tier 2 cities.
  • Develop healthcare auxiliary industry , currently most of them are small scale - like PPE manf, syringes, needles. Help them improve the quality, bring a little bit more regulation.

Food Care

  • Setup district level FeedingIndia warehouses stocking food materials and equipment to cook and distribute daily meals to needy. May be we need even more Akshaya Patra’s
  • Setup more regional food processing industries to reduce food wastage due to lack of market system to purchase the produce. May be ITC, HLL should lead this effort groundup . Governments on their part should speedup the long pending food processing project and help bring back the stressed assets back to work. Establish processes and system to enhance the ready to eat food market . These are the stuff that help the needy.
  • Government run canteens like Amma Canteen, Indira Canteen etc
  • Setup townlevel food waste collection programs with the help of NGOs. Should make it more systematic and not an occasional promotions.

to be continued!

peace! ✌️