Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator

Panic & Pandemic : Can we ever go back to the normal life again

Nope and Never.

We may have a normal life, but that is what the “experts” call it new normal. We cannot go back to the old normal life that caused the issue and continue to impact us if we follow the old normal.

But then what is the new normal? It’s tough to say.

The new normal is what we discover and adjust to once we get out of the lockdown.

  • Can’t go to movies of crowded places.
  • Better hygiene practices - Frequent hand washes , cleaning hand & legs before entering the home(like our elders used to do)
  • Masks in public
  • Respect for queues and reasonable distance while respecting others privacy
  • No crowded public transport, means more personal vehicles and even more traffic.

you get it. Everything we do to keep ourselves safe from the virus is the new normal.

If the virus happens to weaken faster and we somehow build the herd immunity coupled with Indian natural immunity to viruses, we may have an option to carry forward of our old normal. but that’s a BIG IF!

on the other hand do we want to go back to the normal that caused this in the first place?

things need to change, humans have to change, our behaviours have to change, the way we eat,live, socialize have to change, our medical systems have to change, the way we do businesses have to change,employment rules, health care laws, countries investment policies, farming and transport practices everything needs a overhaul such that we are best prepared for a pandemic just like we were preparing for the next war, in short the world needs a reboot and not an undo

to be continued!