Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator


Researchers and scientists across the globe are working 24X7 to find a vaccine and a cure. No one is sure if and when they will be able to find a cure, but irrespective of the religion, if you believe that there is a bigger hand in all of this, that creates and mitigates all these. May be this the time you pray more than ever and seek the help.

In Telugu there is a saying “గాలిలో దీపం” పెట్టి దేవుడా అనడం”. Which loosely translates to “ simply praying God without our efforts is a waste and it doesn’t give fruitful results” . This is not the case now, we are doing every thing that’s possible humanly

Maintaining social distance, taking care of the needy, working researchers, employees working from home to support their companies run and serve customers.

Probably, the only hope that’s running in majority of the Indian’s mind,though publicly not made evident, due to lack of research is that as the summer sets in the spread may reduce and community transmission will be limited. But there is no conclusion on that part yet.

to be continued!


sarve jana sukhino bhavanthu!