Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator


Day 3 of 21 day lockdown, it’s getting tough to keep track of week days. Each state has its own set of lock down rules based on the severity i guess.

While middle class are able to handle it reasonably well, it’s the daily wage laborers and migrant workers that got impacted the most. Lost jobs, nowhere to go, can’t stay in cities without a job . Government said they will directly transfer the money to their accounts and deliver ration at their door steps. I am not sure if the migrant laborers are covered by these measures.

There were measures taken to address the safety and insurance requirements for first line responders, nurses and doctors treating the infected.

As of today, the total number of positive cases in India has risen to 724, the Health and Family Welfare Ministry said on Friday, 27 March. Meanwhile, 17 people have died due to the disease. Sixty-six people have been cured/discharged.

Hydroxychloroquine Drug is currently touted as the possible cure in India with first line staff being asked to take the drug as a precaution.


Will India’s summer temperatures be able to control the spread?

Will we be able to find a medical treatment?

Will any of the existing or slightly modified version of existing vaccines be made available before a complete economic destruction due to shut down?

How long will people be able to survive in their homes?

How long will people be able to survive without a way to earn money?

to be continued!