Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator


Almost all the states are(excluding North East) under lockdown with citizen movement allowed only for a few hours a day in the morning for essential services. It’s almost a curfew after 7 PM in the evening.

All the efforts are being taken to control the spread, isolate the infected , flatten the curve and eventually reach a zero new cases for 15 continuous days stage, and then all the infected are completely recovered or unfortunately lose their life.

This is the scenario where can possible say where there is no more spread and citizens are allowed to move freely. How long will we have to wait for this day? 1month/2months ? No one knows

But till then the world cannot stop - work has to move, small business have to make to make and have to stay open, kids need education. That means what can be done online get done, but eventually some need to move.

It’s humanly not possible for any law enforcement to contain movement for such a long time. There will be defaulters and there will be conflicts between police and citizens eventually.

Meanwhile we need a vaccine, a treatment protocol and a method to track the infected, treated & recovered, vaccinated. Without technology it’s impossible to track millions of individuals. No one knows what’s planned ahead.

What ever happens, by the time the spread is settled(when?), millions would have lost their jobs, thousands would have closed their businesses. Effectively every one would have moved back by a few years in their career or life. Only a few that has the strength would survive.

Industries would be disrupted, traditional working way of staying in office may not be needed any more. People will understand social distancing and privacy more. Wearing masks when outside may become the norm.

Government should ask people’s cooperation and should ask for voluntary reports on spread and health conditions starting at village level.

to be continued!