Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator


Misinformation is spreading like wildfire. Looks like “Janata curfew” is going to create more chaos once it is done tomorrow.

Even educated are spreading the news that by staying isolated for 14 continuous hours we will no longer catch the virus as the virus’ lifespan is only 9 hours, which is false.

There are even idiotic rumors that by making noise in the evening that sound energy created would kill the virus . Cant really think of a place to hide my face :(

AS OF MARCH 21, 2020 4:45 P.M - There are 283 total cases and the curve just started showing it’s exponential form.


At the moment, people I believe are still not clear of the possible damage if they don’t isolate themselves. Coupled with that we are not able to test at scale. May be that’s the reason why the numbers are creeping. Whatever be the case, all we want is a a way to control the infection and stay alive.

On the related topic, Korea made an announcement that they now have kit to test and get the result with in 10 minutes.

Not sure, how well it can be commercialized and made available to those who need it.

sarvejana sukhino bhavanthu


to be continued!