Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator


It’s utterly depressing to be on any news/social media. It’s either Panic or false information there. Couldn’t hardly find any balanced source that explains what’s happening and how to survive?

There are still new instances of people who are supposed to be in quarantined, travelling in long distance trains, ignoring others safety.

Sunday’s “Janata Curfew” may just be the beginning!

From the spread perspective, there were 56 new cases in oneday, could be the start of explosion. Read that, India could have reached it’s first community spread case in a person with no travel history or exposure the one who travelled. Meaning, it spread via internal communities. They were also news that, testing scope is now increased beyond the ones with travel histories and now includes every one with related symptoms. I dont know if this is completely true.

But how long will the testing go? How long will the people and economy slow down is still a question.

As I understand, the people’s mindset is not tuned yet. They are afraid that if they are quarantined now, their future will be effected or they will not be taken care of in quarantine facilities. What they don’t understand, by not staying away they are killing others.

Tomorrow is also crucial day in terms of tests and results and see if there will be a significant jump one more time.

There were some towns (Karimnagar in Telangana, Kasargod in Kerala) which were visited by individuals with travel history to Italy and Iran and these individuals are now tested positive. This has moved these towns into panic mode and started sanitizing the areas and surveying thousands in those areas for any symptoms.

To continue…