Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

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Temples are closed, all the devotees are asked to stay home and pray. After all God is Sarvantaryaami. I read that, this is some thing that happened once 125 years back.

Yesterday our Prime Minister called for a voluntary self isolation for an entire day on coming sunday, called “Janata Curfew”, where an entire nation would stay indoor from 5 AM to 9PM. While, there are a lot saying that it’s of no use isolating for 1day, at least this will be a drill for upcoming prolonged isolation if things go extremely wrong.

It’s also kind of sad, that educated individuals returning from abroad, instead of staying isolated in camps/homes, are roaming and potentially infecting even more.

Also read that Kerala is state is on the front carefully handling the spread, by isolating borders and increased testing. At the same time delivering food at door to needy, who lost their daily income. Ref :

Almost all the medical stores ran out of alcohol based hand sanitizers. Government has declared them as essential commodities and started price regulating them


Governments are taking a count of cases every day and sometimes to think of it is extremely frightening, how long is this going to last? It’s extremely depressing to watch the news even for 10 mins, go out and you will find people roaming, while that may not be terrifying as media portrays, at least its not comforting to see so many on streets, not knowing which of them are asymptotic carriers.

At the moment, close to after 3 months since the first case reported in China, there is still no vaccine or cure or a faster way to carry mass testing. It originated in a wet market or a bio lab near that wet market, no one know and there are enough controversies around it. China says it has successfully controlled it with no new cases, while rest of the world is dreading the exponential growth.

Maybe it’s karma biting us or a virus preparing us for the better.


to be continued!