Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator


Still in containment (Red) zone. It’s not exactly clear what is happening in neighbourhood and why the containment regulations are not released yet.

News says entire district is identified as hotspot. The door delivery vans appeared once, that too was delivering only milk.

The number cases now doubled in 4 days and crossed 4000 and more than 100 dead. What’s even more worrying is there is a drastic increase in number of first line workers getting infected. If those are not protected, we may be moving into a bad scenario.

Government initiative in lakhs of crores announced, countless schemes to protect daily wage laborers, EMI schemes for those servicing loans and inplace. But how long will these continue, when will be reaching a new normal?

Post lockdown strategies, extending lockdown for 2 more months and talks are all over the place. Understand, we can recover the economy but can’t bring back the dead, but it’s likely that the hunger may kill more than the virus if the lock down continues and crores or daily wage earners are left without work and a way to earn money.

Probably this is also the time for those who were able to get back to their places with a lot of effort to start exploring opportunities in their region or start small once the situation comes into control a few months down the line.

until then


to be continued!