Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator


A day after complete red zone declaration with promises like door delivery of essentials, everyone woke up hunting for milk and bottled water. With all entry and exit points barricaded all are stuck with in the perimeter waiting for daily essentials and the promised delivery vans 🚚 bringing essentials are nowhere in sight.

People had to call the ones outside the zone to somehow get these essentials.

At a higher level total cases crossed 3000 and the slowly we see some of the positive patients getting healed and discharged from hospitals.

While this is encouraging, rate is increase of cases is still a concern and expect these cases to increase as the rapid testing kits are being made available to various centres and the testing scope is expanded.

A new app “Arogya Setu” now launched to track the contacts and inform users if they are near a infected users. How it does ? A magic of AI, Bluetooth, location etc, etc. which is more like a background user tracking.