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Notes from Y Combinator Library: Ideas Collection

[Original Article]() : Why Smart People Have Bad Ideas by Paul Graham

My Notes:

  • If you’re going to spend years working on something, … it might be wise to spend at least a couple days considering different ideas, instead of going with the first that comes into your head
  • Having invested time in something[idea] doesn’t make it good.
  • Plunge in, by all means, but remember later to look at your idea in the harsh light of morning and ask: is this something people will pay for? Is this, of all the things we could make, the thing people will pay most for?
  • Going into business is like a hang-glider launch: you’d better do it wholeheartedly, or not at all.
  • It’s hard enough to make money that you can’t do it by accident. Unless it’s your first priority, it’s unlikely to happen at all.
  • Of all the things we could do, is this the one with the best chance of making money?
  • It’s much easier to sell services than a product, just as it’s easier to make a living playing at weddings than by selling recordings. But the margins are greater on products.
  • “Watch people who have money to spend, see what they’re wasting their time on, cook up a solution, and try selling it to them. It’s surprising how small a problem can be and still provide a profitable market for a solution.”