Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator

Misinformation race

Open Youtube,

type home remedies and boom, even at the search auto suggestion step itself you will find cures from cold to cancer. Once you reach the actual results page , you will have herbal remedy for every disease in the world, even more prominent in local language.

What’s even alarming, is the comments on these videos with user’s asking questions on the suggested remedy , how to administer, dosage , clarifications on preparation etc.

While I dont say home remedies wont work, some times it’s too risky to just depend on these and not consult a doctor. It a concern if these followers completely depend on these and delay actual medication leading to stage when it’s too late to cure the disease.

With COVID-19 , we see Youtube proactively place warnings about any medical information.

I hope Youtube puts in some control on these medical information videos either by saying that any channel >1k subscribers posting medical advise videos should be required to show their medical qualification.

at present all these channels have is small disclaimer saying “All the medicines suggested on this channel are for information purpose only.Please consult your doctor before taking any medicine”

If not add a button seeking feedback from the audience asking them if the remedy cured their disesae, with YES/NO answer under the video title.

that’s all for today!