Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator

Inti guttu lankaku chetu

ఇంటి గుట్టు లంకకు చేటు

This is a Telugu(My mother tongue) proverb which translates to “a house secret when revealed damages (lanka) your own home”

This is derived in the context that Vibhishan, betrayed his own brother Ravana and told Rama how the King Ravana can be killed . It might be that he thought it is unethical for Ravana for kidnapping Sita and a few say that he has done it to un do his brother’s wrong acts.

So, whats the context in terms of work, if your company is doing wrong should you reveal it out and blow whistle? Should you be loyal to your work or work for greater good?

I had also learnt that, never badmouth your own home, home town, employer who pays you money.

But, here are a few things I had learnt in my career, in this context.

  • Be loyal to your employer, never bad mouth them when interviewing for other companies.
  • If you think some work you are asked to do interferes with your integrity, stand up to your manager and don’t do it, even if it means losing your job or a promotion
  • In general try to be good to others and don’t be mean.
  • It’s Ok to achieve your targets, but not at the expense of your customers and internal teams.
  • Always standup for your team.