Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator

India Honks

Indian’s in vehicles(especially cars and trucks) honks way more than their global counterparts. The main reason for this is to indicate their presence to other vehicles and pedestrians ahead of them.

Why do they need to indicate their presence?

They need to indicate their presence because, there is no guarantee that the vehicle in front of them wouldn’t randomly shift lane with out seeing(using their side mirrors) what’s behind them or at least giving a signal via indicators(blinkers).

There is no guarantee that the biker in front of them, out of no where would not take an u-turn in the middle of the road, needing them to indicate their presence via honking.

There is no guarantee that a distracted driver on a two wheeler would not come in wrong direction while talking on their mobile phone with their head tilted to hold the mobile phone drive right into the car, with out even recognizing that there is a vehicle in front of them.

There is no guarantee that a kid will not jump in front of the vehicle out of now where and the only thing the car or truck driver can do at this point is HONK to maximum decibel possible and curse

There is no guarantee that an auto rickshaw would not notice your left or right lane change indicator and zoom right by the side while the car/truck driver is trying to change the lane

The list is endless, this sound pollution will only reduce when everyone learns their basic traffic rules and drive on the roads with some civic sense.