Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator

I wish: Universal Electronic Appliance Service Insurance

Universal in terms of spectrum of appliances and not the physical location in this galaxy (for now).

Eventually everyone will have gadgets that can no longer be maintained or managed on their own. In fact it’s true even today with appliances like fridges, washing machines, air conditioners where we have to depend on “Authorised” service centres to repair incase of any issue.

Going into future, the gadget spread goes beyond durables to smart home equipments and vehicles ( which are becoming smart and connected).

My proposal is one agency(startup/company) to whom i will pay a an early insurance premium, which is decided on my gadget spread and they will own everything related to those gadgets, including service, repair and replacement costs (totalling the gadget) .

If I add a new gadget or replace an existing one the insurance premium gets adjusted at the time of purchase itself.

This agency will work with respective manufacturers - makes sure that the service representatives attend our call and even provide funds to manage the activities in absence of mentioned gadget during the service period.

They will be the one face to handle all the issues related to every gadget/appliance/device you own at home.

Not sure if some one can ever achieve this scale!