Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator

I wish : Controlled Environment Home Garden.

An app to order groceries and veggies home. A stove to cook these veggies to food. A refrigerator to store the food and on oven to reheat when we want to eat the food. Once we have the veggies at home it goes thru a bunch of appliances before we eat the cooked food.

What I think is missing is an appliance to grow our own food at home. If not pulses, at least the veggies part. Let’s for a bit keep the argument “ What are going to do with millions of acres of land cultivating these veggies” aside for now. May be in future, pollution levels and climate change make the out side world unsuitable for growing veggies, but that’s a topic for another day.

Coming to the appliance to home grow our own veggies, I envision it as below.

  • It’s our own appliance that offers a controlled environment to grow the veggies we want. Just like how we have multiple modes to cook each type of food on an oven, this appliance offers multiples zones (like in a refrigerator) to cook a particular veggie.
  • It could of a combined size of 3 to4 side-by-side door refrigerators, offering multiple zones. Ex: one zone to grow root vegetable, another to grow leafy, one more for the regulars like tomato, chilies etc.
  • Another important criteria is that these veggies should grow in minimal time like a day to 3 days max. So that, we can grow what we want on demand.
  • So, how to grow them, instead of ordering actual veggies, we could order the seeds, plant them as per our weekly food plan. This is a new chore that gets added, and an additional step in the chain - Order> Grow > Cook > Store > Eat.
  • So, why even grow at home, today, I control what I eat by controlling the cooking process, now I control the growing process also.
  • Grocery stores now just would sell the seeds to home grow these veggies, in controlled environment.
  • So, on the way home from work, i would just pick up a few seeds and drop these in the designated zone once I am home or order them online.
  • The appliance would do its job and tell me when my veggie (crop) is ready. I would pick them and right away cook them.
  • Just like a compressor in the fridge has a compressor and other equipment, this one would have some equipment to control the environment and some sand like particles used to grow and the seeds.

Will this ever be realized? Not sure.

Do we need one in future? I think, we would need one eventually.