Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator

I wish: Faster Diagnostics

All the opinions expressed here are my perceptions and may not be scientifically true, please feel free to provide scientific evidence/literature to counter my belief.

In India, most people who fall sick, i think reach a level of incurable state due to slower diagnostic process.

Consider this scenario, a person in a village/ tier 3 or 4 town gets sick. Like any other in India, first thing they do is to go to a medical store get a pill and see if they get relieved in 3-4 days. In case of life threatening or complex diseases, most likely they wont be.

Then they try to talk to their neighbors or relatives or a local RMP to figure out they should be doing, while still being sick .

Next step is go to a near by tier 2 city and approach one of the “Super Specialty Hospital” or a “Poly clinic” . The doctors there with in their limits get the basic tests done and prescribe a few meds of 2-3 weeks.

By this time it’s already a month to month and half. After 1 or 2 followups with the tier 2 city hospital, a life treating disease is unlike to subside. At this point they might have already spent a few thousands for lab tests, travel, meds and fees, but not completely relieved or have a concluding diagnosis on the issue.

Like this the person approaches two to 3 doctors across 1- 2 near by towns over a period of 3-6 month, with total expenses leading to around half a lakh and no diagnosis yet.

Means 6 months since the initial symptoms with no relief or a concluding diagnosis.

This is only half of the story, I believe there will be tens of millions of such individuals, not just limited to villages and towns, even in cities with each so called Corporate hospitals trying to make money out of lab tests on a single visit, leave them un diagnosed.


what i wish is an standardized medical device or an appliance that can give a proper diagnosis with 1 -2 visits at any doctor in the country. If not a conclusive diagnosis atleast a series of indications that can help conclude the ailment.

An advanced version could be a device which is installed at every regional medical centre and every individual will have a regular scan done with the device. On any ailment, this appliance will compare the current scan to earlier scans and narrow down to the ailment, which doctors can further use for a proper diagnosis.

A faster diagnosis then will lead to an immediate action and faster cure.