Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator

How long was it?

So how long was the lock down?

It depends, it depends on where you work, if you were an essential worker, there was never one. If you were in a relatively safe zone, may be around 2 months?

If you were one with OCD and washes your hands even though you never left your room, you may never be able to see the outside world.

This virus has changed the attitudes, behaviours and perspectives. Business lost their lifeline and workers lost their livelihood.

The desperate ventured out risking theirs and the lives of people around them to earn a buck to be able to survive for next few days.

On a parallel track, there are still 10s of millions who don’t understand the severity, think masks don’t make a difference or they don’t need masks. 90 days of lockdown did not help educate them, they still dont care of other’s health, well there is no need for praying such educated ignorants anyway.

I wrote earlier the only that can help you after God is you, follow the health guidelines, keep yourselves and others around you safe. Even then, we are imperfect, and it boils to a miracle to be able to protect you. Just just close your eyes and pray that the vaccine is ready, that it has no side effects, it gets manufactured in required quantity soon and you will be prioritized by the government for a vaccine and you get one. It is along path and no one knows how long it will be.

till then the choice is stay home or continue, whatever that is required to survive, stay alive and be eligible to get a vaccine.