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Government Pensions - Universal Basic Income

My home state government under the name “Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty” currently runs a wide spectrum of pension schemes for it’s citizens as below.

  • Old Age Persons, widows, Toddy Tappers, weavers, Single women, Fishermen, ART Persons , Traditional Cobblers get Rs.2250/- per month
  • Disabled persons,Transgender and Dappu Artists get Rs.3,000/- per month
  • People affected with Chronic Kidney Disease who are undergoing Dialysis get Rs.10,000/- per month.

This alone is 1239,68,82,750 which is around 1000 crores a month. [1]

In addition, there is

  • Amma Vodi :offers INR 15000 as a Financial Assistance per year to all the mothers who will send their children to schools.
  • A monthly allowance to the educated and unemployed youth so that they could pursue any skill development courses and reduce the burden on their family.

These I think are just a glimpse of the welfare schemes run by the government. Its not just that it is done only in one, many Indian states do that.

In fact Andrew Yang who is running for president as a Democrat in 2020 is proposing a similar guaranteed income program. He is proposing an Universal basic for the United States is a set of guaranteed payments of $1,000 per month, or $12,000 per year, to all U.S. citizens over the age of 18, no questions asked.

While India and US are completely different countries , its not right to compare these schemes.

At least in Indian scenario, instead of giving away free money , we should focus on building infrastructure that eliminates the need to give this money out.

  • They should spend this money on the improving the quality of current infrastructure and eventually eliminate the need for private equivalents - Better government schools, superior government hospital with advanced equipment and qualified teams.
  • Enhance road infrastructure in villages, cities and highways.
  • Help re skill people for free.
  • Help people earn themselves, stay healthy and have a better standard of living.

That’s the brain dump for today. Thanks!