Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator

First Post

This is my first blogpost on this site. I want to use this site to showcase my project ideas and other thoughts.

This site is built using Hugo, a static site generator and hosted on Netlify

Hosting own blog

I avoided hosting my blog due to the complexities in setting up wordpress, hosting costs, managing backups and security. I did try to setup once using DreamHost, but all the mysql setup, theme management felt too complicated and taking too much time to setup. Also there are random hits on the server trying to break into it and that always freaked me out.

Recently I discovered Netlify from a Hacker New post and from there found about Hugo. All it took is a few key minutes to setup this blog and ofcourse its not as easy as setting up a blogger blog, but much simpler than a self hosted Wordpress blog.

I can type in a text pad and can post directly from there, I dont have to worry about copy pastes or formatting issues.

How much do I pay to host this blog now? Zero . All content is hosted on Bitbucket, Traffic is managed by Netlify for free and the only cost I incur is for the domain from DreamHost.