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Faster Disease Diagnostics- 2

Earlier I wrote once about Faster Diagnostics, and now we are seeing live in case of Covid-19 disease.

From various publications, currently in India, i read that it takes anywhere between 12-24 hours, to get the test result and this is causing a lot of panic among those being tested. It is written that some of them escaping during the isolation period and potentially infect more people.

From Korean case study, i read that, they were able to test with in 4 hours and were able control the infection.

Now the other side of the balance is affordable testing.

I might be asking for something that’s considered almost impossible in software - Faster, Better(Accurate) & Cheaper.

Imagine a device, that can take in a fingerprint or some sort of hashcode of bacterial or viral infection. It then takes in a blood/swab/urine sample and scans for presence of such fingerprint and give a positive or negative result and this is available as a home testing kit like pregnancy kit or atleast available for use by paramedical staff at hospitals.

Imagine the speed at which we can test suspected cases and control the spread and some point completely eradicate it.

This might looks like testing kits in Sci-fi series. But I believe it is completely possible. From hardware to software, with everything getting better and better, i believe it will be a reality in 10-15 years. If such research has not started yet, I believe after this instance it will soon start.

peace! stay home! maintain social distance and flatten the curve

Disclaimer : I am not an expert in medical diagnostics.