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What's Facebook to you now?

Orkut to Facebook

I signed up for Facebook,some where in 2007.Till then, I was using Orkut and I dont actually remember, what was that I was doing on Orkut. All I could remember was that there was too much of noise and junk there, and I could not relate to it any more .I needed a place where I can still be in touch with friends and some thing new and better than Orkut.

10 Years Later

Exactly 10 years later, I havent used Facebook in a while,conciosuly avoiding using it and trying to find a better place that’s just not irrelevant feed of videos and memes. While there is Messenger on the side, atleast in India, and with in my social circle,it’s WhatsApp thats used. So there is no FOMO feeling by staying away from Facebook or just completely closing the account.

What’s Facebook Anyway?

Over the period Facebook has evolved at lot - What was supposed to help you stay in touch with your friends is now a beast with hundreds of features and byproducts.

  1. A never ending home feed
  2. 1:1 relationship is now 1:many relationship
  3. Messenger for instant messaging
  4. Like and a few more buttons
  5. Pages and communities
  6. Mentions for celebrities
  7. Live video
  8. Assitant M
  9. ……….. I dont get what is Facebook is now and I think all they want now is to profile people and sell ads .

“Quit Social Media” Movement

In the recent past there is a growing trend of Silicon Valley veterans and thought leaders voicing out, how Facebook(and other Social Networks) harm our relationships. They say that it’s time we stay away from Facebook and not let sites like program our brains.

Tech folk who previously worked at Google, Facebook and Twitter, who created these social media platforms are now disconnecting themselves from these and advice that you do the same.

Here are a few more from horses’s mouth.


We have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.’ Source

Sean Parker

It(Facebook) probably interferes with productivity in weird ways. God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.” Source

Unending negativity about Facebook.

2017 in a way is disastrous for Facebook in many ways, but this statement at the end of the year, I guess is begining of the end of Social Media the way it is working now. The company acknowledged for the first time that ordinary use of its product could be harmful This article summarizes what’s happening at Facebook.

What’s next for Facebook & You?

Well the verdict is clear for me, stay away from it and get your productive time back. Quit the social media and get working.

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