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Corona Virus

If you living under a rock like me, this article gives a good info on why and whats of Corona Virus. And this is how it spreads via planes.

a few quotes from NGC article

As with SARS, all of this fuss appears to have emerged due to wildlife trade, and virologists aren’t surprised.

CNN reported that the “South China Seafood City” market in Wuhan peddled more than seafood, obtaining video that allegedly shows racoon dogs and deer housed here inside small cages.

But why might such conditions create a breeding ground for zoonotic diseases?

“When you bring animals together in these unnatural situations, you have the risk of human diseases emerging,” says Kevin Olival, a disease ecologist and conservationist at the EcoHealth Alliance. “If the animals are housed in bad conditions under a lot of stress, it might create a better opportunity for them to shed virus and to be sick.”

“One intervention, which is fairly simple, is just reducing the wildlife trade and cleaning up the wildlife markets,” Olival says. “Cutting back the wildlife trade has a win-win effect of both protecting species that are harvested from the wild and of reducing spillover of new viruses.

It’s just us humans greed for exotic food & more money killing us. At present some reports claim that the virus is spreading exponentially, which is not a good thing.