Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator


Bajaj’s new e-scooter Chetak is now publicly available . What’s surprising is you don’t find Bajaj’s name next to Chetak or even on the bike. Only place you would find is in the footer. Looks like Bajaj still want to keep scooters at some distance.

From there, next surprise is this jargon filled feature description

Advanced algorithms with edge computing continuously evolve and optimise everything from throttle response to battery charging to extract maximum life from every electric, mechanical and chemical part of the powertrain.

So that’s one more connected device monitoring you round the clock.

With 3KWh battery and 95 KM range on full charge, have to see how it gets adopted. In my opinion its sufficient for an average college student/office goer, who has access to an 15Amp charging point in their parking lot.