Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator


There is one for a rocket launch,

there is one for a surgical procedure,

there is one to bring your car out of the production line

You too can have one for your work, for your daily activities. If its on the list it gets done, other wise you need to find excuses.

Checklists, I think are the simplest way to accumulate your ToDos and and ticking them off one by one has gives sense of achievement.

While there are 100s of ToDo apps which offers checklists functionality , nothing beats a simple paper and pen. If you want to go a little bit advanced you can also try Bullet Journals, but that requires a little bit effort and discipline.

On the software front , these are my favorite app for managing checklists.

  • Microsoft ToDo
  • Wunderlist(Killed by MS)
  • Simple Note by Automattic(Wordpress)