Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator


CES - yearly tech overload started yesterday and it’s just fascinating to see the stream of announcements and launches that happen there.

While a few of them do eventually make to market , some of them are plain concepts to get industry feedback.

If some one ever tries to follow everything that happens there, it is guaranteed that they will be overwhelmed with it

Some things are little Wacky too, let us see a few examples below

  • Lamborghini-themed massage chair
  • A Concept car with foldable legs that allow it to navigate difficult terrain.
  • LG HomeBrew lets you brew beer from a pod.
  • Cordless hairdryer uses infrared radiant heat instead of hot air.
  • Autonomous lawn mower, like a Roomba.

Again , not sure how many of these will come alive and land on Online/Offline store.