Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator

Beginning or Ending

Ins and Outs of the lockdown are here :

while we wait for lockdown 4, we are at a place, where we should be ready to step out of the lockdown environment and get ready for a new way of living.

don’t touch that

don’t touch this

don’t touch others

stand away from others

sanitize hands

cover the face with masks

don’t travel in crowded public transport

exhaustive checks before using transport

don’t sit in closed air conditioned environments

and a lot more.

But for how long? Is this till we have a vaccine in next 18 months?

Can we go back,once the world is declared Corona free with no active infected ,even before vaccine?

or we continue to be like this for ever?

means we have to undo a lot of things we did to improve productivity, convince and make more money. no more uber pools, no bike taxis!

that’s blabber for today!