Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Curious Curator

Apr 2019

It’s Apr 2019, blog version of tweets that never got posted

  • AI & ML are still hyped up.
  • VCs and Softbank are still pumping money in startups with negative unit economics,
  • Uber and Lyft are listed, when is Ola relieving thier investors
  • No clue on Global warming
  • Electric vehicles are slowly getting adopted, but only in developed nations
  • Cant figure out which media outlet is genuine
  • PUBG, Fortnite, TikTok are a rage, thatcourts need to intervene
  • Modiji is trying for PM post again
  • Starting is business is easier than ever, but starting a viable business is also tougher than ever
  • Software continues to eat the world
  • AI is coming