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AI: Future of humanity and jobs

Some one Product Geeks forum asked this question

I just wanted to have a discussion on this subject.

If 90% of humanity is going to lose their jobs thanks to software/AI/robotics etc. etc. etc. … then what’s going to happen to all of us??!!! It seems that some of the cool stuff is happening even in India, ie. we’re not insulated from the rest of the world anymore…

So - what is the future of humanity?

This question is relevant to anyone wanting to start something - if everyone’s out of work, then there won’t be anyone ready to pay for your product/service, right? Where will the market be in 5 years time?

I wrote the below there and sharing it on my blog here also

I think 5 years is too short a time for AI to kick people out of their jobs .

My take on this subject is technology ( be it printing press, combustion engine or AI) enables humans to be more powerful and productive and not replace them or make them jobless.

Printing press killed some jobs, but it created more than it killed. TV never managed to kill radio and both coexisted. Tech creates more jobs than it kills.

Excluding futurists, who would have thought of social media becoming prevalent like it is now 25 years back and job a “Social Media Strategist” exists. There will be new jobs that are enabled by new technologies as long as some one is willing to learn and adapt.

So I think AI can only replace humans to some extent .

AI will replace a few people and make many more productive and inturn every one will have more time to learn and practice new stuff.

100 years ago, man needed to walk to farm and toil in sun( farming) , now they ride a bike to farm and do the same stuff using tractors in half the time and could probably be productively utilizing the saved time. Tractors did not replace humans and farmers/people from villages are still the ones influencing our GDP.

The more productive one become, the more they spend. This is my thesis. You may disagree. So people continue to spend if not on what they are spending now, but may be on something new. So there may be robot cleaner job or even a self driving car mechanical technician or other much sophisticated job that are too creative for robots to do

So what is going to happen to us- In short term every one should be ready to be skilled and be able to survive if you/your job gets replaced by AI. What skills are these - as we see the hype, skills to develop that AI , make that AI human friendly (design & human factors in tech skills)

In long term 100 -200 years, we have to learn from the trends how engines/electricity changed human life and i am assuming the same trends happen with AI also.

I believe human brains are more powerful than any AI that humans can create and it just that we have to find ways to adapt to these new technologies. AI is now at the next leg of hype cycle and eventually will settle at a place both humans and AI can coexist for best.

I am more optimistic about AI than worried about it .

Lastly, there are the basic skills which every one should know (if not master) and these will help us do adapt to future.

  1. Basic survival skills - growing food, cooking, knitting
  2. Vocational skills- fixing your clothes, home, furniture
  3. Artistic skills- painting, music
  4. Linguistic skills- learning languages, grammar and be able to communicate with people
  5. Technical skills- working with computers and be able to co exist with machines.

Thanks for reading