Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

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  • Direction for AGI

    If not immediately , we will eventually achieve Artificial General Intelligence, where machines are much smarter and can perform any task a human can perform and sometimes better than humans. But do we want to steer in that direction and what precautions do we want to take before we reach there?

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  • AI: Future of humanity and jobs

    Some one Product Geeks forum asked this question I just wanted to have a discussion on this subject. If 90% of humanity is going to lose their jobs thanks to software/AI/robotics etc.

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  • Does AI need to replace humans?

    2017 is the year when AI & ML almost became integral part of every product/service built by major tech companies (AFGAM). At the same time there is another trend, where people predict that AI will eventually start replacing humans and we should start to learn to live alongside AI (robots) at work and home.

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  • What's Facebook to you now?

    Orkut to Facebook I signed up for Facebook,some where in 2007.Till then, I was using Orkut and I dont actually remember, what was that I was doing on Orkut. All I could remember was that there was too much of noise and junk there, and I could not relate to it any more .

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  • Ideas to Scale Ola PEDAL

    As per this Medianama Story , Ola is launching a Bicycle sharing service too. As Medianama points out from China’s experience, these shared bicycles there became a too much of parking nuisance.

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  • First Post

    This is my first blogpost on this site. I want to use this site to showcase my project ideas and other thoughts. This site is built using Hugo, a static site generator and hosted on Netlify

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