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  • quantifying

    Tools like Facebook not only help you network, but also let you build your persona by enabling you describe your favorites, likes, dilikes, your achievements and your (life) timeline. And every one of us know how this is used to manipulate your opinions and profit from selling your data.

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  • How to get everything you want?

    If a man invests all of his money, all of his time, and all of his intellect into giving the world what it needs… the world will have no choice but to give him what he wants.

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  • Checklists

    There is one for a rocket launch, there is one for a surgical procedure, there is one to bring your car out of the production line You too can have one for your work, for your daily activities.

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  • Inti guttu lankaku chetu

    ఇంటి గుట్టు లంకకు చేటు This is a Telugu(My mother tongue) proverb which translates to “a house secret when revealed damages (lanka) your own home” This is derived in the context that Vibhishan, betrayed his own brother Ravana and told Rama how the King Ravana can be killed .

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  • I wish: Faster Diagnostics

    All the opinions expressed here are my perceptions and may not be scientifically true, please feel free to provide scientific evidence/literature to counter my belief. In India, most people who fall sick, i think reach a level of incurable state due to slower diagnostic process.

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  • Surveillance

    Some advancements of Video Surveillance as seen from China. These systems can track you and also measure your body temperatures. Systems can scan the streets for people with even low-grade fevers Recognize people faces even if they are wearing masks and report them to the authorities If a person boards a train, the railway’s “real name” system can provide a list of people sitting nearby.

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  • I wish: Universal Electronic Appliance Service Insurance

    Universal in terms of spectrum of appliances and not the physical location in this galaxy (for now). Eventually everyone will have gadgets that can no longer be maintained or managed on their own.

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  • 10 days

    A hospital has been built in Wuhan in 10 days to accommodate #coronavirus patients. How did China make it? — China Xinhua News (@XHNews) February 3, 2020 A hospital to accommodate 1000+ patients was built in 10 days.

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  • 02022020

    I lived to see this once in a millennium event to happen, a true palindrome day 02-02-2020 peace!

  • Maruti

    Maruti Suzuki India is taking a few (unconventional) steps and reorganizing their product portfolio, that begs to ask a lot of questions on how that would impact their near and long term interms of profitability and market share.

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