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  • New Project

    A quick update : Launched a new project recently where I curate the best B2B Product Management jobs in India. More here

  • Notes from Y Combinator Library: Ideas Collection

    [Original Article]() : Why Smart People Have Bad Ideas by Paul Graham My Notes: If you’re going to spend years working on something, … it might be wise to spend at least a couple days considering different ideas, instead of going with the first that comes into your head Having invested time in something[idea] doesn’t make it good.

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  • Test post from CMS

    Forestry is CMS for you static sites

  • Apr 2019

    It’s Apr 2019, blog version of tweets that never got posted AI & ML are still hyped up. VCs and Softbank are still pumping money in startups with negative unit economics, Uber and Lyft are listed, when is Ola relieving thier investors No clue on Global warming Electric vehicles are slowly getting adopted, but only in developed nations Cant figure out which media outlet is genuine PUBG, Fortnite, TikTok are a rage, thatcourts need to intervene Modiji is trying for PM post again Starting is business is easier than ever, but starting a viable business is also tougher than ever Software continues to eat the world AI is coming

  • Zomato for Highways

    I like what Zomato is doing with their Product. I like their mission “to ensure that nobody has a bad meal“[1]. Zomato today serves millions of users across cities/countries. It is my go to app to find a place to eat, when I go to new place and of course also when I am at home to learn about and try new places.

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  • CES

    CES - yearly tech overload started yesterday and it’s just fascinating to see the stream of announcements and launches that happen there. While a few of them do eventually make to market , some of them are plain concepts to get industry feedback.

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  • Please Stop Using Slack for Building Communities and Forums

    It surprises me that a lot of online community builders use Slack to build a community and engage members When I join a group/community I look forward to the following

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  • Direction for AGI

    If not immediately , we will eventually achieve Artificial General Intelligence, where machines are much smarter and can perform any task a human can perform and sometimes better than humans. But do we want to steer in that direction and what precautions do we want to take before we reach there?

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  • AI: Future of humanity and jobs

    Some one Product Geeks forum asked this question I just wanted to have a discussion on this subject. If 90% of humanity is going to lose their jobs thanks to software/AI/robotics etc.

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  • Does AI need to replace humans?

    2017 is the year when AI & ML almost became integral part of every product/service built by major tech companies (AFGAM). At the same time there is another trend, where people predict that AI will eventually start replacing humans and we should start to learn to live alongside AI (robots) at work and home.

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